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Simplify CRB banking with Fin420.AI

• Pin-based Debit Card Program
• Eliminate 70% of Cash
• Grow Revenue 20%
• Self-Service, Messaging & Alert
• Sales Lifecycle Management
• Digital Banking Services
• User-friendly Experience
• Data Quality Validation
• Secure & Helpful
Artificial Intelligence
• Improve Accuracy & Compliance
• Reduce Manual Effort & Time
• Enhanced Insight
• Improve Efficiency & Effectiveness
• Automated Alerts & Reporting
• Digital Review & Audit Trail
• Digital Experience
• Data Integration
• Securitization
Data & Analytics
• External Data Integration
• Alerts, Reporting & Analytics
• Real-Time Dashboards
Digital Customer Experience
• Designed for User Experience (UXD)
• Personalized Portal
• Real-time Process & Integrated Data
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Data & Analytics
Digital CX

We worked closely with a leading, experienced cannabis bank to develop a best-in-class system that integrates the customer relationship with all of the related bank functions through an advanced digital customer experience. We worked with each bank department that interacts with the CRB customer to improve processes, and significantly reduce manual effort while moving onboarding from six weeks to 1 week. With Fin420.AI, all customer data and documents are available at your fingertips.

We greatly improve business development and customer interaction management (CRM). Our advanced onboarding and KYC capabilities are tailored for all CRB business types. We greatly improve compliance efficiency and effectiveness, while integrating pin-based debit payments, digital lending, and investment capabilities that drive profitability in cannabis banking

Fin420.AI is the most technically advanced and secure cannabis banking system:

  • It runs on any cloud (AWS, Azure, Google, etc.) or in your own internal data center. No other cannabis banking system has this flexibility to conform with your Cloud or Data Center strategy

  • Data, PII, and all customer messages and documents are encrypted in motion and at rest

  • We use the most advanced Identity Management Security protocols (SAML 2.0)

  • Fin420.AI is built in a new category of systems called “AI Native”. It is built to leverage AI throughout the various aspects of the architecture

  • It is highly configurable, API driven, and very vertically and horizontally scalable to support large and small institutions alike

Artificial Intelligence

Fin420.AI has Artificial Intelligence (AI) that reduces manual, time-consuming tasks and improves compliance and data quality while enhancing the customer experience. Fin420.AI is part of a new class of systems that is “AI Native” where real-time data and documents are available at your fingertips. Fin420.AI uses AI to identify, validate, and pull data from a variety of documents which increases data quality and reduces onboarding time.


Fin420.AI has advanced CRM and customer self-service via a secure customer portal that help you manage the client relationship interactively and securely. We show you the real-time status of your lead pipeline using a very visual digital dashboard. The status of each lead is always available to business development leadership. You can see a client’s progress through the onboarding process and then the compliance review process. All customer information is at your fingertips. You are alerted when the customer has written a response or completed a task.


Working in partnership with a leading payments processor, we offer a true pin-based debit payment capability that can increase CRB merchant revenue and tips by 25% while reducing cash by 60-70%, and significantly improving bank fee income. Approved merchant acquiring banks can earn up to 25 basis points per transaction. This solution is cost-effective and does not touch the Visa rails. The bank gets high visibility into the merchant onboarding process with the processor and can monitor compliance through the system.


Fin420.AI provides advanced digital lending capabilities. We help you grow your lending business profitably and efficiently. We bring your customers’ data from the onboarding process into the lending application to provide the best customer experience. The loan underwriter has each client’s data and application at their fingertips. The time to close and underwrite loans is reduced and the quality of lending data is increased.


Cannabis compliance is at the heart of Fin420.AI. We give you peace of mind that your cannabis compliance process is robust and effective.


Artificial Intelligence helps your client give you the right data and documents the first time around, minimizing follow-up over bad data. Our advanced data management captures detailed transactions from the customer’s POS system and compares them to bank deposits.

Full access to data and documents is available at your fingertips. Within Fin420.AI you have alerts, secure client messaging, and audit trails to make the compliance analyst’s job easier and more effective. We have automated and streamlined the SAR & CTR filing process.


Significantly reduce the time and manual effort it takes to onboard a client, while greatly improving the customer experience. Many times, onboarding can include hundreds of questions and up to 50+ documents. Our system helps reduce your onboarding time from six weeks to one week.

Fin420.AI simplifies your customer’s experience with AI-generated help. It gives you visibility into your customer’s progress to help guide them along the way. Within our secure system, your customers can work collaboratively with their CPA and others to complete the application. We eliminate the need for unsecure and scattered emails to resolve questions by providing a secure messaging feature. The compliance team has all the customer responses and data at their fingertips and can message the client to address open questions through a secure client portal.

Data & Analytics

Fin420.AI puts real-time data at your fingertips, giving you real-time dashboards, reporting, KPIs, and data to manage your cannabis banking business. We integrate internal core system data, documents, and external sources of data to give you a complete picture of your business. We use AI to generate real-time analytics and provide actionable alerts to both bank customers and employees.

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Digital Customer Experience

Fin420.AI is built to give customers and employees a very modern digital experience. Each user has a personalized portal that provides them with alerts, manages processes and data, displays KPI dashboards, and has secure messaging with customers and other employees. We manage the whole cannabis banking process through this digital user interface. We take complex processes and break them into manageable pieces that are easier for customers and employees to complete right the first time.