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Smarter. Faster. Better. Profitable.

Our FinOvate platform will help you lead in innovation by utilizing advances in technology that are driven by strategy and smart implementation methods.


Digital Innovation with FinOvate is a Smarter Solution 

We help you make the most of your data.  

Digital innovations are rapidly changing the way companies conduct business. Data-driven initiatives speed up essential processes and deliver advanced analytical insights.

FinOvate is “Built for AI” with data at the core. The platform’s API-driven architecture securely accesses multiple data sources in real time. The platform unlocks your data from legacy core systems and external systems, giving you real-time analytics to empower smarter decision-making for maximum bottom-line results. 

We provide you with real-time management dashboards, reporting, analytics, and AI-driven insights so your firm can benefit from the advanced data capabilities that are woven into our solutions.  Our best-in-class end-to-end processes and insights deliver results.


FinOvate Provides a
Better Customer Experience

A better digital customer experience is top priority for many businesses.

Our FinOvate platform is built with an advanced, configurable digital customer and employee experience that quickly gives your firm the digital processes your customers are hoping for.  

By quickly and digitally automating complex end-to-end processes we improve experiences between your customers and your firm.  

The Fin420.AI banking solution has taken a highly manual method of submitting over 50 documents and answering hundreds of questions to a user-friendly experience. With its​ secure messaging capability, agents and their customers can interact in real time, eliminating delays and quickly answering questions.

With Fin420.AI, the previously cumbersome task of onboarding high risk customers has become a smooth, integrated. and user-friendly experience that is managed within a secure system.   


FinOvate Delivers Results Faster

We’re accelerating growth and innovation. 

Five key elements are essential to creating faster, efficient digital processes. These elements are built directly into our solution: 

  1. Real-time customer self service 

  2. Operate from anywhere 

  3. Real-time data on demand 

  4. Bring digital innovation to market quickly 

  5. Ensure security and compliance 

The FinOvate platform accelerates your digital transformation process to bring robust end-to-end digital processes to market quickly, helping your firm see significant bottom-line results faster. 


FinOvate Solutions can lead to Profitable Growth

A better digital customer experience leads to bottom line results.

Studies have confirmed that:

  • Firms with advanced digital customer experiences have about a 25% higher Return on Equity (ROE) than traditional firms 

  • Firms with a solid digital experience have Net Promoter Scores (NPS) of 19%+ or more 

  • Retention and wallet share is +10ppts higher in digitally advanced firms 


We help you accelerate new product implementation. Our Fin420.AI cannabis banking solution, developed from the FinOvate platform, models our drive to simplify the complex and improve the customer experience.  

The same process can be applied to many other new products requiring digital interaction, such as PPP loans, SBA lending and other complex onboarding processes. 


We quickly configure and bring to market solutions that will transform your customer's experience and increase your ROE. 

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