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Payment & Software Solutions for High-Risk Industries

Reduce Risk & Improve Compliance

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PayResults.AI Features

Our innovative solution will cut your costs, increase your revenue, and lower your business risk.

Secure System
• Data & Documents Encrypted
• In-system communication
• Audit Trail
• Self-Service, Messaging & Alert
• Sales Lifecycle Management
• Digital Banking Services
• User-friendly Experience
• Data Quality Validation
• Secure & Helpful
Artificial Intelligence
• Improve Accuracy & Compliance
• Reduce Manual Effort & Time
• Enhanced Insight
• Improve Efficiency & Effectiveness
• Automated Alerts & Reporting
• Digital Review & Audit Trail
• Scalable
• Dev-ops Enabled
• Redundant
Data & Analytics
• External Data Integration
• Alerts, Reporting & Analytics
• Real-Time Dashboards
Digital Customer Experience
• Designed for User Experience (UXD)
• Personalized Portal
• Real-time Process & Integrated Data
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Secure System
Data & Analytics
Digital CX

Get rid of your cash & payment headaches

Use our advanced Cloud & AI technology to streamline your high risk transactions

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Revenue Increase

Increase your revenue by 20% or more

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Tips Increase

Quickly route high risk transactions over Cloud & AI technology

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Reduce Cash

Reduce risk and costs of processing cash payments

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Cost Savings

Manual task reduction

Cut your costs. Increase your revenue. Lower your business risk.

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How It Works

Transforming payments gets you Results

A card-present pin-based debit payment method.

We use advanced Cloud & AI technology to route transactions over approved debit card networks. 

These debit card networks are not Visa networks, so no Visa rules are violated.

This is a real debit card solution used in over 100 stores like yours and sponsored by risk-friendly banks.

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