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The Future of Banking Compliance: How nFiniti CLM Can Prepare Your Bank for the SAFER Banking Act

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

The banking industry is no stranger to evolving regulatory landscapes, and the proposed Secure and Fair Enforcement Regulation (SAFER) Banking Act is set to introduce significant changes. The SAFER Banking Act, if passed, will reshape the way financial institutions operate, particularly concerning financial services for cannabis-related businesses. To help your bank stay ahead of the curve and ensure compliance, the nFiniti Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Compliance Platform is your strategic ally. Let's explore how this innovative solution can prepare your institution for the SAFER Banking Act.

Understanding the SAFER Banking Act

The SAFER Banking Act is a groundbreaking piece of legislation aimed at addressing the unique challenges posed by cannabis-related businesses. If enacted, it will:

  1. Provide Legal Clarity: The bill seeks to clarify the legal status of financial transactions involving cannabis-related businesses in states where cannabis is legal.

  2. Enhance Banking Services: By removing regulatory barriers, the act aims to enable cannabis-related businesses to access essential banking services, reducing their reliance on cash transactions.

  3. Mitigate Risks: The bill intends to create a safer financial environment by promoting transparency, accountability, and regulatory oversight for cannabis-related business transactions.

The Implications for All Banks

While the SAFER Banking Act primarily targets cannabis-related businesses, its impact extends to all banks. Here's how:

  1. Expanded Compliance Requirements: Banks will need to adapt their compliance procedures to accommodate transactions involving cannabis-related as well as other high-risk businesses, ensuring adherence to the new regulatory framework.

  2. Risk Management: With new types of clients and transactions, banks must enhance risk assessment and management processes to mitigate potential risks associated with these businesses.

  3. Operational Changes: Banks will need to update their operational procedures to handle the increased volume of cannabis-related transactions efficiently and securely.

nFiniti CLM and Compliance Platform: Your Solution

The nFiniti CLM and Compliance Platform is a comprehensive solution designed to help banks navigate the changing regulatory landscape efficiently. Here's how it can prepare your bank for the SAFER Banking Act:

  1. Streamlined Due Diligence: nFiniti automates and streamlines the due diligence process, making it easier for banks to onboard and verify cannabis-related business clients while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

  2. Enhanced Risk Assessment: The platform uses advanced analytics to assess and manage risks associated with these clients, providing insights that help banks make informed decisions.

  3. Scalable Solution: nFiniti is scalable, making it suitable for institutions of all sizes. It can adapt to your bank's specific needs as the volume of cannabis-related transactions grows.

  4. Audit Trails and Reporting: The platform generates detailed audit trails and reports, simplifying compliance reporting to regulatory authorities and internal stakeholders.

  5. Real-Time Updates: As regulations evolve, nFiniti ensures that your bank remains up-to-date with compliance requirements, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Prepare for the Future Today

The SAFER Banking Act represents a significant shift in the banking landscape, and banks of all sizes need to prepare for its potential implementation. The nFiniti CLM and Compliance Platform equips your bank with the tools to not only navigate these changes seamlessly, but also seize the opportunities that arise from serving cannabis-related and other high-risk businesses within a compliant framework. By implementing nFiniti now, your bank can be well-prepared for the future when the SAFER Banking Act comes into affect, ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining regulatory compliance. Don't wait; get ahead of the curve with nFiniti.


About the Author:

Dana Chaves – Chief Strategic Business Development Officer, FinResults, Inc.

Dana has been building strategic banking, financial and legislative relationships to further the cannabis industry's access to banking and financial services for more than seven years. Prior to joining FinResults, Inc., Dana served as SVP – Director of Specialty Banking at First Federal. Dana also worked at Hybrid Payroll as the Director of Banking Relations, and at Partner Colorado Credit Union (PCCU), AKA Safe Harbor Private Bank, providing some of the earliest access to banking services to the cannabis industry.

Connect with Dana at


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