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Our Products

Our Products provide the solutions you need to solve your challenges.

We make your business run faster, better, smarter, and more profitably.

Fin420. AI

The Banking Solution

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Fin420.AI is the most comprehensive and technically advanced cannabis banking system available today. Fin420.AI was built to support the advanced OCC reviewed end-to-end processes of a leading full-service cannabis bank. Our goal is to help our banking customers create a differentiating customer experience (reduce onboarding time from six weeks to one week), maximize profitability (digital lending, payments, investments), reduce manual effort and cost, and improve information security, while meeting the rigorous compliance requirements inherent to cannabis banking.


The Payments Solution

The PayResults.AI solution was created with high-risk industries in mind. Currently, these high-risk businesses are faced with challenges that make it difficult for them to process payment transactions in a secure and timely manner. With our innovate solution, we use advanced cloud and AI technology to streamline your high-risk payments. Request a demo to see how PayResults.AI can cut your costs, increase your revenue, and lower your business risk. 

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