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SAFER Banking Act

How will SAFER affect your financial institution?

We have put together several resources to help you understand the SAFER Banking Act and plan for the future.

Implement SAFER with nFiniti.AI

We are a Fintech company with a software solution, nFiniti.AI, ready now that can help your financial institution quickly implement SAFER and other complex/high risk customer facing programs (such as PPP or commercial lending), saving your firm time and money, while helping you grow profitably.  

We’ve integrated key functions in a flexible, smart, and affordable end-to-end solution. We have customer lifetime management, process automation, AI, onboarding, contracting, lending, and compliance review in one integrated platform to eliminate manual work, unsecure emails, friction, cost & time by 50%+. 


We’re confident you’ll love the platform, and that it will change the game for your financial institution. Contact us today and we will give you a free 30-day trial period to check it out.   

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